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Wondergrain is a Nature2Kitchen product line of Gluten free, kosher & non-gmo items with an array of Premium Sorghum products which include whole grain sorghum, pearled sorghum, sorghum flour and other sorghum based flour mixes produced in a Gluten free, allergen free, nut free and dairy free facility in the USA. Wondergrain is best known to have the fastest cooking wholegrain sorghum on the market.



Nature 2 Kitchen LLC, a minority and women owned business, is the first company to have revolutionized food grade Sorghum by aggressively introducing and marketing the versatility and health benefits of Sorghum with the introduction of Wondergrain which is a premium softest bite & fastest cooking sorghum grain both nationally and internationally.

We are dedicated to your well-being, and committed to sourcing only the highest-quality grain in the world. Our kitchens are hard at work every day testing new recipes in a wide variety of cooking styles including Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Oriental, American cuisine and so much more. The delicious possibilities are endless with Wondergrain, our sorghum, the miracle food.



In 2012, founder Patricia Alemdar who is a mother of 3 originally from Haiti, came in contact with sorghum grain and found out that it was a sustainable drought resistant crop that helped with water conservation and that for centuries it has been a super food for millions around the world, primarily in poor rural areas with very little access to water.

She was given a taste of crushed sorghum from Haiti where it’s considered a medicinal food. Although she liked the taste, she didn’t really care for the texture once it cooled down, plus she found little rocks in it. The common variety of sorghum is too dense to be cooked whole; therefore it has to be manually hulled and in the process, small rocks get mixed in. She thought to herself “there has to be a better way! “.

After months of research and testing, Nature2kitchen discovered Wondergrain, a premium variety of sorghum grain with the softest bite and fastest cooking time that didn’t have to be crushed and could be eaten whole!

In Mid 2014, Wondergrain was launched in the food industry by Kathleen Apaid and Patricia Alemdar who are an out-of-the-box mother and daughter team with a background in sales, marketing, manufacturing and culinary arts which created the perfect platform for them to share their passion for this healthy, sustainable, nutritious and versatile grain.



Our vision is to have Wondergrain become the environmentally conscious, affordable, delicious & healthy staple food in every kitchen around the world.

Our mission is to create, introduce , educate and market a line of the highest quality sorghum products  by spreading the awareness of the versatility and health benefits of Wondergrain sorghum .  In doing so, we hope to bring variety as well as innovation to the homes, restaurants & institutions in the U.S. and across the globe.

“Cook me…Freeze me…Reheat me… I will be as delicious as if you had just cooked me.”


Nature 2 Kitchen

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 The Softest Bite & Fastest Cooking Sorghum

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